Drawings of gods
by children

“Children’s rights” are not just a series of articles set out in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. They are living rights that are interpreted and understood differently, depending on how developed a child aged 0-18 is.

Big or small, alone or with friends or family, have fun all the while as you go in search of children’s rights throughout a trip around the city of Geneva, birthplace of children’s rights.

What is it ?

As part of an interdisciplinary study by researchers at the Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies of the University of Lausanne entitled Drawings of gods: A Multicultural and Interdisciplinary Approach of Children’s Representations of Supernatural Agents, over 6,651 drawings by children depicting a god or other supernatural being have been collected from eight countries (Switzerland, Russia, Romania, Iran, the Netherlands, Nepal, Japan and the United States).

The purpose of this initiative run by Prof. Pierre-Yves Brandt is to shed light on the strategies that children use to try to express through drawing how they perceive such a complex concept.
A selection of these works will be exhibited against backcloth in the Palais des Nations throughout the conference of 18-20 November 2019.


What are its objectives ?

The exhibition of a selection of chosen works from the Drawings of gods project is intended to give the public a glimpse of the work done to enable:

  • A better understanding of the origins of the concept of the god and of its development in children;

  • The highlighting of the place and function of images in the processes children use to acquire and internalise the idea of the god, and in their difficulties with acquiring it.

How can I take part ?

Children, families and anyone interested in finding out more about children’s rights are invited to throw themselves into going in search of them with this introductory journey.

Which partners are involved ?

This exhibition was born out of the Association “30 Years of Children’s Rights” working with the University of Lausanne, which we would like to thank profusely.

What is its purpose ?

Stay tuned ! More information on where and when as 2019 goes on !

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