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ChildRightsHub is the platform of Geneva and French-speaking Swiss based actors committed to the promotion and protection of children’s rights at local, national or international level.

This platform is a collaborative and interactive tool dedicated to raising awareness and informing the general public on children’s rights and to promote dialogue and synergies between actors in the field.

It was created by Association 30 Ans de Droits de l’Enfant on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Child Rights Hub network

When joining the Child Rights Hub network, you enter the directory of child rights actors in Geneva and French-speaking Switzerland and make your work visible by sharing resources and information on upcoming events.

You also have the possibility to engage in new collaborations with other actors of the network, exchange experiences and knowledge, and create new synergies.

Registration with the network is free and is done online.


Here you can find the latest resources for professionals shared by the network.


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30 Years of Children's Rights

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Let’s pool our knowledge, experience and resources to strengthen children’s rights here and elsewhere!