Thematic symposia

What is it ?

New technologies, biotechnology, the migration issue and the Sustainable Development Goals are some of the subjects that impact on implementation of children’s rights.

Throughout 2019, several thematic symposia will be held at various points in the city and opened up to the general public, on the one hand, and to an audience of child-care and children’s-rights professionals, on the other.

They will cover current affairs and issues around the evolution of our societies, along with the way in which these directly or indirectly impact on children’s rights.

The symposia will bring together a range of those involved in promoting, protecting and defending children’s rights in Geneva, to encourage meetings and discussions between UN agencies and international NGOs, but also academics and professionals who are practically involved.

What are its objectives ?

  • To facilitate dialogue and spark debate

  • To foster a comprehensive discussion, debates and research on collective solutions

  • To shed light on the intersectionality of the issues affecting children’s rights (positively or negatively)

Stay tuned! There is more information to come in the course of 2019.

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