Chargement Évènements
Cet évènement est passé

Join us to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child and attend a free three-day international conference at the Palais des Nations ( United Nations headquarters) in Geneva on November 18, 19 and 20, 2019. Most sessions will be accompanied by English-French simultaneous translation.

During the conference, we will examine important and urgent topics that impact children’s well-being, their future as well as their rights (environment, justice system, child protection, biotechnological advances, adolescent’s radicalization, etc.). These and many other issues concern all of us: professionals working at the regional level with and for children (social workers, educators, teachers, caregivers, etc.) and at the global level, such as the representatives of international governmental organizations, diplomatic missions, NGOs and civil society, academia and, of course, the children themselves!

Let us come together to celebrate 30 years of child rights and share a common space and time to hear renowned specialists, but also benefit from the participation of many children human rights defenders.

In a spirit of inclusion, participants may also propose specific additional themes for discussion and conduct spontaneous exchanges. We will all gain by sharing our experiences, our concerns, good practices and ultimately contribute to enhancing the future of children’s rights.

Beyond the presentations and discussions, you will discover several exhibitions designed for as well as by the children themselves!

And then, it must be said, we need your presence. Currently, human rights in general, and child rights in particular, are somewhat in peril and do not receive sufficient political attention and support.

By participating in these three days of celebrations of 30 years of the rights of the child, you reaffirm the importance of the human and his rights!